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SANKOFA is an exciting initiative at Merritt College. Although the primary focus of the  program is on the achievement of African-American students, Sankofa’s services are open to all students who desire the nurturing services offered by the program. The emphasis of the program is successful completion of English, mathematics, science, and information technology courses, while at the same time assisting students in exploring STEM disciplines and other subject areas as they prepare for their careers.

Sankofa will assist students in the development of Student Educational Plans (SEPs), selection of courses, addressing personal concerns, and connecting students to support services across the Merritt campus.


Program Benefits:

• Strong support system and personal attention by counselors and tutors
• Integrated instruction from caring instructors
• Peer tutoring/suppplemental instruction tutoring
• Motivational/cultural workshops and campus tours
• Book Loan Program
• Mentorship with campus faculty/staff and community members

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Our Location

12500 Campus Dr, Oakland, CA 94619
Linda Brown
Office Location: 
Student Center- Building R, Room R-106F
Region 2