Umoja University Book Club Plans for First Discussion on September 2

Dear Umoja University Book Club Members,

Our Book Club starts this Wednesday! We are excited about the vast diversity of our group and have a wonderful set of discussions planned! Many of you shared that you would love to purchase the book from Umoja! We are happy to provide this option for you! Below you can learn more information about the book packs! 

Book Club Session #1 Zoom Information:

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Meeting ID: 920 8447 2841 / Passcode: 292288

Discussion Questions to consider:

Educational Survival Complex

Dr. Loves poses the concept of the Educational Survival Complex in which she deems education to be an institution in which students are left learning to merely survive, learning how schools mimic the world they live in, thus making schools a training site for a life of exhaustion.  

What was your initial reaction to this concept? Do you currently hold similar thoughts about the educational system?  

Spirit Murder:

Dr. Love introduces the concept of spirit-murder, stating that “...racism robs dark people of their humanity and dignity and leaves personal, psychological, and spiritual injuries. The White Rage in our school murders dark students’ spirits. Physical survival is not enough.”

As Black and POC educators, how do we deal with being agents of the system that engages in the spiritual murdering of our students, while also being subjected to that same spiritual murdering because of our own identities?  

Balancing Institutional Responsibility:

Dr. Love states: “The fact that dark people are tasked with the work of dismantling these centuries-old oppressions is a continuation of racism.” She goes on to quote Toni Morrison who said “The function, the very serious function of racism is a distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being.”

As we enter an academic year that exists during a national outcry to end white supremacy and racism, how do we balance contributing to anti-racism work within our institutions, without bearing the brunt of the work?

Re-Imagining Education:

Dr. Love states: “We must struggle together not only to reimagine schools but to build new schools that we are taught to believe are impossible: schools based on intersectional justice, antiracism, love, healing, and joy.”

As we venture into a new school year that is unprecedented in many ways, what would your own personal re-imagining of the school system look like? What component of said transformation do you feel you would be most readily available and able to contribute to? Least prepared?

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Monday, August 31, 2020

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